18 октября 2017, 07:47


- Added form for bank cards through the Yandex.Money button. Now the investor will be able to make deposits directly from his bank card through the Yandex.Money gateway
- Added a proxy for QIWI and automatic payments, this will help bypass the blocking by IP
- Added ETH for deposits and withdrawals
- Added a timer until the next accrual for the investor


- Fixed the bug with the display of the user's operations on the second and the following pages
- Rewrote the ref. system. Previously on the ref. system immediately displayed all the referrals for all levels, and this "slowed down" the loading of the page. Redone to display by pages. Works quickly with any number of referrals
- Changed the display of statistics of the ref. system and general statistics. Now statistics are displayed by currencies, this will simplify the accounting for the manager (for V3)
- Simplified manual deposits for investors. Now the investor sees instructions on what requisites he needs to transfer and a field for entering his requisites for payments

19 июня 2017, 06:02

- fixed API test for ADV
- added rates update for BTC (we use
- error for withdrawal if wallet number not typed
- added option to enter depositing sum in USD (one currency mode only)
- error when login to RCB system page if RCB system doesn't set in admin panel
- other minor fixes and increase in overall stability of the script

22 марта 2017, 11:54

Added IP statistics for multiaccounting tracking.

8 декабря 2016, 19:23

Added two-factor authentication by google authenticator in script

14 ноября 2016, 14:27

Who has downloaded H-SCRIPT from site on 11.11 - 14.11 please contact [email protected] . There is a risk of vulnerability.

14 ноября 2016, 14:24


24 октября 2016, 06:54

New pricing policy
Script price: 149$
Script price for regular customers: 129$
Price for mirror: 100$
Within 14 days after purchase of script you can change license domain, if the previous one wasn't in use. Previous rule: 1 license = 1 domain.
Prices are valid from 1.11.2016

30 сентября 2016, 13:07

I have great news for you. From 1.10.16 started a joint promotion with the payment system. Each purchaser of a license for H-SCRIPT CAN get an interest-free NIXmoney wallet. This means that all transfers within the system will be with no commission of 0.5% for your wallet!

To get the special status email the request for the support of the payment system. Mail must be format *****@{domain with h-script license}

19 сентября 2016, 07:41

- Added search for an investor by e-mail

- Information about upliner now available via the link from the profile of the investor
- Balance at API wallets always displayed, no need to press TEST
- Letter about the decrease of the balance of API wallets to a predetermined amount (mean you need to fill up wallets. I remind you that you shouldn't store at API the whole bank!)
- Added Coinpayments (payments in BTC and other cryptocurrencies)

6 июня 2016, 13:42

Skype — that's not a script support anymore. Do not work with him! It's a fraud!