4 мая 2016, 11:15

Added auto deposit/withdrawal for QIWI, it's exclusive only in HS!, we've created a merchant for regular QIWI wallet, now deposit and withdrawal could be made automatically for every QIWI wallet. Also added auto deposit/withdrawal for Yandex.Money and RUB accounts for ADVcash, NIXmoney, Okpay

26 февраля 2016, 09:40


- in case we have a problem with API key issue in blockchain, we've added Сoinkite
- added Payeer EUR, and the ability to simultaneously use different Payeer currencies

16 января 2016, 11:10

Fixed problem with RCB accrual in various payment systems in ver. 4 of script.

30 июня 2015, 17:59

All clients should update file lib/psys.php from new package from our site!

11 марта 2015, 08:34

Stable BETA of the new version of the script released. Please contact support regarding all questions.

14 октября 2014, 08:50


1 сентября 2014, 17:44

21 августа 2014, 05:58

Fixed manual accruals

14 июня 2014, 16:52

Some bugs
- work with BTC (increased the number of of decimal points)
- Ref.system settings (wrong choice "from deposit")
- increased configuration field (wasn’t enough for settings)

How to update?
Simplest way is to copy all php from module
You should change database structure (structure to be updated through configurator)

23 апреля 2014, 14:57

My skype is, you should be very careful, because there is a fraudster, with skype

We have only 1 wallet - U1263001.

Check all the data during payment. You can face a fraudster in skype!