13 апреля 2014, 11:36

BitCoin automatization
Added support for 2 BitCoin services.
(auto-accepted incoming and outgoing payments)

Features - reliable work, but they keep the wallet.
Features - you can manage your wallet from keeper, as always, but could be some problems with deposits. So, I recommend "manual" acceptance.

2. Admin access levels
50 - access to tickets
70 - access to operations
71 - access inside operation
90 - god mode)

In user settings set the code needed. It's useful when several people manage the project.

3. Deposit body showing settings extended
Now you can set time for

- withdrawals prohibition
- withdrawals with commission
- withdrawals without commission

4. Holidays setting simplified
Now if you set "don't accrual on holidays", script will not accrual, if opposite do not written in base.

22 марта 2014, 20:56

-work with OKpay payment system
-bug with commission during deposit
-calculator, now it counts profit for "moneybox" plans also
Calendar functions, now you can add accruals %, as well as workdays/holidays. It is useful for "floating" percents, you can set them for few days ahead, the same as in classic plans, if there is a % for that date, it will be taken from calendar.

26 февраля 2014, 11:42

As owner requested, we've added PiratCoin payment service.

Fixed, bug with instant limits for TM.


19 января 2014, 13:50

16 декабря 2013, 10:19

Added control for build version, now you can quickly check whether you working on the latest build. It's important for web-studios, who forget to update before new order, but updates must be installed, as we developing our script very fast.
You can check version on site, near "DOWNLOAD CMS" button, and in news. Current version V.301

10 декабря 2013, 20:41

1.Ref. program updated. Now we have 4(!) types of accruals

<percent> for superior - standard as before

2. DEMO on site updated

8 декабря 2013, 08:25

- SMS confirmation for log in and withdrawal implemented. All balance operations showed in SMS.

- Acceptance and payouts Bitcoin cryptocurrence (manually)

- Registration bonuses

- Ticket system for support

- HTML letters for system mails, and mailing/tech. support.
(edit tpl//e-mails.lang)

- Minor bugs fixed, work stability increased.

You need to update all the script, to gain new features, because there was a lot of corrections.

27 ноября 2013, 17:59

Payment service provider update! By owners request we've added to
script. Also popular Yandex.Money added!

13 ноября 2013, 12:08

Full manual for script using added to FAQ.

7 ноября 2013, 17:58

All clients should update file lib/db.php from new package from our site!