22 марта 2013, 20:36

Fixed Text error receiving from LibertyReserve. Statistics updates every minute now.
Added plan choice on deposit.

14 марта 2013, 20:18

Configurator changed. There was an error during installation on some hostings. Limit
for "instant" added. Now withdrawal "up to a limit" - instant, after limit - manually.

10 марта 2013, 15:50

VERY IMPORTANT update, related to script safety. Everyone who already uses this
script should URGETNLY install update. Besides of that, possibility to change plan
of deposit added and also forcefully close deposit.

2 января 2013, 12:35

First update in 2013: Disabled redirect to main page if address doesn't exist. Now
just "Error 404". Pages added: "Best depositors", "Last deposits" and "Last payouts".

2 декабря 2012, 18:50

EgoPay payment provider system added. Added placeholder's in forms. Calculator
fixed in case of overlapping plans. Now you can't create an operation, if you have
insufficient funds.

16 ноября 2012, 19:39

Qiwi payment provider system added. Minor bugs fixed.

30 октября 2012, 05:03

Yesterday's sensational project showed that additional instruments for hosting
performance analysis needed. Configurator module changed. Now you can choose
database type. Analyzer for database requests performance added. All "long requests"
for base, as well as "unknown" URLs will be logged.

28 октября 2012, 19:32

Page "Partners top" added, where best referrals are shown.

25 октября 2012, 17:22

Module Reviews added - users could leave an opinion about site. Module has 2
operation modes: instant publish and premoderation.

23 октября 2012, 18:25

As it turned out, many people don't realize that SCRIPT COULD BE
DOWNLOADED FOR FREE! Yes, dear users, you can right now (without contacting
me) download archive with script, unpack it, browse source code, install it, test...
and do anything you want with it. You have to pay for it, only when you'll start
USING it (when you'll upload it on hosting). Local web-server pack Denwer (with
IonCubeLoader inside), could be downloaded from FAQ. How is it possible? Just
because it will not work on real hosting without license! I give it for free, so user
could analyze code, check it and check the product before purchasing. And once again
- using link on site you're downloading NOT DEMO version! Script has only ONE
version. And after purchasing, I don't give OTHER link for downloading!