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The h-script support group was created on the basis of this site

Now you can download the latest versions of h-script and buy a license

Try demo online:

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Installation Requirements

  • Apache 2 , PHP7.2 с модулями ioncube, mbstring, gd2, soap
  • The script kit includes a free license for the test1.ru domain
    To start, just unzip the script archive on the server
    On Windows, in the hosts file, specify the line xx.xx.xx.xx test1.ru
    where xx.xx.xx.xx is the ip address of your server and the script should open at test1.ru

Local installation script

  • For a local installation, Open Server with PHP 7.2 is suitable
  • You must also include Ioncube
    Add Instructions: link
    It should be noted that the version of PHP7.2 means that the library for ioncube must be for php7 ioncube_loader_win_7.2.dll
  • Add test1.ru domain , copy script files to the domain folder, configure the database and the user, after which you can open the site test1.ru

Our tasks

Continued support and refinement of H-SCRIPT.

  • A new licensing system has been created, the script will be supported and changes will be made.
    The new version of the script will work only on PHP 7.2 and is supported.
    Created forum , where you can discuss issues and make suggestions, FAQ .
  • Everyone knows that since some time h-script has ceased to be modified, and the site itself has stopped working.
    We do not know and do not participate in the problems associated with this
    But at the same time competitors of h-script, for example, goldcoders, work fine and continue to refine their scripts
  • We are not trying to create direct competition with other CMS including goldcoders.
    Our task is to support and finalize the h-script
  • Not much later we will establish a connection with the monitors and create a friendly API connection for them
  • CMS h-script has been operating on the market for a long time, although it has a number of drawbacks, but it undoubtedly has a number of advantages, and the script itself went far beyond the limits of hyip projects and can position itself as a script for implementing its own goals and objectives.

License check

To verify the license, enter the domain name in the field below.

To check the license

The domain name must be entered without www and without http

Example example.com

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